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“Leadership needs continuous learning from experience. Every time you learn something new, you re-wire your brain.”

Amit Ray



Data Privacy As An Emerging Growth Opportunity? Let’s Talk Turkey

Add Value By Discussing Data Privacy: It’s As Easy As Serving A Big Holiday Meal The morning after a big holiday celebration is usually one of John Horace’s favorite times to think. Really think. The holidays require lots of planning, errands, and effort. The celebration is great, but it takes work. That’s why he always…

The Dominoes Continue: A Growth-Focused Business Leader Anticipates What’s Next After the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

Please, anything but regulations. John wished the “figure it out” part of his brain could be focused on more energizing stuff like: Commercializing new products and services Strategies to increase their share of customer wallet Customer-specific sales strategies Options to add value and differentiate from competition Or really just about any topic other than anticipating…

Threat or Opportunity? Do Upcoming Changes in Your External Market Position You to Raise Your Game?

As John settled into his seat on the regional train out of D.C.’s Union Station he checked off the items on his mental checklist: Power cord plugged into the outlet? Headphones? S’well bottle of water within arm’s reach? On the Amtrak Wi-Fi? Files and reading materials on next seat to discourage folks boarding at later…

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