My Client’s Needs & Desires Are Changing, As Are My Marketing Methods

Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.

James Arthur Ray

Client Challenges

  • Uncertainty around how to drive future growth
  • Adapt to changes in marketing methods and tools
  • Help inexperienced producers get productive more quickly
  • Leverage the benefits of independence
  • Improve the sales process

Results / Afters

  • Revenue growth
  • More target clients
  • Client retention
  • Increased share of wallet
  • Improved profitability

Some Options for Working Together

Book Yourself Solid®

The Book Yourself Solid® system for marketing and sales is supported by exercises and worksheets to apply the learning and drive execution.

When combined with my extensive marketing experience for context and real-world application, the system is practical yet powerful.

Solutions include group courses, coaching, intensive programs, keynotes and other.

Value Proposition Design

This popular framework from Strategyzer provides a proven approach to identifying and validating sustainable value propositions.

Key to the framework is a focus on understanding customer needs, pains and gains. This external perspective is lacking in many marketing and product development initiatives.

I have used this framework in product development initiatives during my professional career.

Group Courses

Comprehensive group courses are great alternatives to one-to-one coaching. Courses feature pre-work, in session worksheets, and post-session work to drive accountability and results.

  • Professional Practice Marketing
  • Strategic Alliance Success
  • Entrepreneurial Growth – Growth Intensive
  • Build Your Success and Value Story
  • Six Keys to Connection
  • Data Privacy for Insurance Marketing and Sales

Training Programs & Workshops

  • Navigational Conversations for Marketing Professionals
  • Chameleon Selling
  • Innovating Ideas
  • Eat That Frog (Time Management, Effectiveness)
  • Communications Breakthrough
  • Sales Breakthrough
  • Many other programs are available

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