Your business and results are a reflection of you. Your business and results will grow in direct proportion to your own growth.

James Arthur Ray

Client Challenges

  • Uncertainty around how to drive future growth
  • Adapt to changes in marketing methods and tools
  • Help inexperienced producers get productive more quickly
  • Leverage the benefits of independence
  • Improve the sales process

Results / Afters

  • Revenue growth
  • More target clients
  • Client retention
  • Increased share of wallet
  • Improved profitability

World Class Solutions

Book Yourself Solid®

The Book Yourself Solid® system for marketing and sales is supported by exercises and worksheets to apply the learning and drive execution.

When combined with my extensive marketing experience for context and real-world application, the system is practical yet powerful.

Solutions include group courses, coaching, intensive programs, keynotes and other.

Chameleon Selling

The Chameleon Selling training program helps sales professionals increase their awareness of the four behavioral styles and apply in sales situations with prospects and clients.

The training is designed for active participation and engagement to recognize the importance of behavioral style throughout the sales process.

Participants will learn how to “sell in style” to Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owl buyers.

Innovating IDEAs

The Innovating IDEAs training program utilizes the four behavioral styles to help participants improve results in creating and implementing new solutions.

The role each style plays in innovation goes beyond product and service solutions to other organizational innovation initiatives such as process, business model and cultural innovation.

Practical exercises and course materials help increase engagement.

Value Proposition Design

This popular framework from Strategyzer provides a proven approach to identifying and validating sustainable value propositions.

Key to the framework is a focus on understanding customer needs, pains and gains. This external perspective is lacking in many marketing and product development initiatives.

I have used this framework in product development initiatives during my professional career.

Group Courses

Comprehensive group courses are great alternatives to one-to-one coaching. Courses feature pre-work, in session worksheets, and post-session work to drive accountability and results.

  • Professional Practice Marketing
  • Strategic Alliance Success
  • Entrepreneurial Growth – Growth Intensive
  • Build Your Success and Value Story
  • Six Keys to Connection
  • Data Privacy for Insurance Marketing and Sales

Training Programs & Workshops

  • Navigational Conversations for Marketing Professionals
  • Perform at Your Best
  • Eat That Frog (Time Management, Effectiveness)
  • Communications Breakthrough
  • Sales Breakthrough
  • Many other programs are available

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