Book Yourself Solid®

Lead generation and conversion is the heart of any marketing enterprise, and Michael Port’s ingenious and practical system is among the best I’ve seen.”

Michael E. Gerber
Here is a brief overview of the Book Yourself Solid® system.

I became a practitioner of the Book Yourself Solid® system as I prepared for my FocalPoint coach certification. One of the prerequisite assignments was to complete the four Foundation chapters of Book Yourself Solid. I love the approach – a simple yet powerful system for marketing and selling, complete with exercises and worksheets to apply the concepts to my practice.

The modules of the Book YourSelf Solid® system for marketing and sales are supported by exercises and worksheets to apply the learning and drive implementation. I review the exercises annually as part of my marketing strategy.

Book Yourself Solid provides a repeatable system that is now our turnkey process for lead generation and lead conversion for Watney Insights Network. I have significant marketing experience, but I now have much more fun with marketing and sales because of Book Yourself Solid!

Book Yourself Solid® solutions are available in-person and virtually.

Individual and Group Coaching

We combine the teach, facilitate and coach approach with the Book Yourself Solid® curriculum and system to deliver a powerful coaching program.

When combined with my extensive marketing experience for context and real-world application, the system is practical yet powerful.

Courses and Workshops

With a deep knowledge of Book Yourself Solid® and our real-world marketing and sales professional experience we customize curriculum based on the needs of the client. We position the client for sustained success using Book Yourself Solid® as the turnkey process for client acquisition.

Keynotes and Programs

When practical, actionable curriculum is combined with a light, fun visual approach, the magic happens. We offer a variety of presentations and programs to meet any need you may have.

How the Book Yourself Solid® System works.

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