Demonstrate the Benefits

Book Yourself Solid® Worksheet to help identify the various benefits clients achieve as a result of your services.

“Afters” Worksheet

Use this worksheet to list at least 20 benefits your prospects and clients get AFTER working with you. Then also list your product and service deliverables

“Red Velvet Rope Policy” Book Yourself Solid Sample Chapter

“There are people you are meant to serve, and others not so much.” This is a core philosophical principle of Book Yourself Solid®, and this sample chapter will help you understand the importance of working with clients that energize you and with whom you do your best work.

“Networking Strategy” Book Yourself Solid Sample Chapter

This chapter will change your perception of “networking”.The Book Yourself Solid® Networking Strategy operates from an entirely different perspective, where networking is about connecting and sharing rather than collecting business cards.

Bracketology ROI Challenge

What are the return on Investment considerations for new initiatives which address the major challenges for most businesses?