Your ability to think clearly and make excellent decisions is essential to your success as a Business Owner, CEO or Senior Executive.

Brian Tracy

Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.

Sun Tzu

Client Challenges

  • Develop strategy for future business growth
  • Regain distribution channel position and strength
  • Provide a blueprint for a turnkey business
  • Evaluate potential disruptions to the business model
  • Agency positioning as trusted advisor

Results / Afters

  • Increased clarity
  • More accountability
  • Greater alignment
  • Get more of what they want out of the business
  • Increased profitability

World Class Solutions

I have used many solutions for strategy development during my professional career. I gravitate towards solutions that are simple to understand. do the job, and can be implemented easily. Here are a few of the solutions that I use to generate results.

Business Coaching

The world-class FocalPoint coaching process, powered by Brian Tracy, provides proven framework, curriculum and accountability. When combined with my extensive business skills and professional experience we help successful leaders get more of what they want out of their business.

As a FocalPoint Business Coach I have gone through an intensive certification process and use the proven FocalPoint Coaching system, a framework for business growth backed by 30+ years of successful implementation in thousands of companies worldwide.

Group Courses

Comprehensive group courses are great alternatives to one-to-one coaching. Courses feature pre-work, in session worksheets, and post-session work to drive accountability and results.

  • Entrepreneurial Growth Course
  • Agency Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Agency Perpetuation Blueprint for Success
  • Developing Your Agency Success and Value Story
  • Business Model Canvas

Workshops & More

Our suite of popular programs are designed for engagement and have a proven track record. Their modular curriculum format provides flexibility in meeting client requirements and timetables, and the blended learning tools and resources lead to sustained behavioral change. This is our point of difference. Many training programs offer a quick fix. We provide you with both immediate improvements and long-term, measurable results.

Executive Coaching

The FocalPoint Executive Coaching Program is for leaders in small to mid-size companies, and mid-level managers in large companies. Like all FocalPoint programs, it can be customized to meet the specific development objectives and may be combined with behavioral assessments and training programs.

The Executive Coaching curriculum has been proven around the world in a wide variety of industries and businesses. This world-class solution, combined with my extensive professional experience and track-record, results in a strong return on investment.

Financial Assessments

Assessments provide powerful analytical insights to develop understanding and drive action plans. The financial assessment suite provides financial comparisons by industry and geographic area. These powerful reports stimulate questions and strategies that lead to insights and actions.

  • Benchmark Basic – provides financial and KPI data by industry code
  • Benchmark Enhanced – same as basic report but include tips and recommendations from improvement in the areas of liquidity, profitability and sales.
  • Company Comparison – same as benchmark report, but included your clients specific financial data to create a comparison.
  • Narrative Report– same as comparison report, but is writing in narrative form with graphs rather than financial tables. Non financial types, sometimes prefer this report.

David Dillon is a certified FocalPoint business coach, trainer and executive coach.

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