Business Transitions

Just like a product, your company has to be packaged. A turnkey methodology which produces the results it was intended to produce. Systems run the business and people run the system.

Michael Gerber

Client Challenges

  • Agency / business succession
  • increase agency valuation
  • Perpetuation – build a legacy

Results / Afters

  • Increased business valuation
  • Turn-key business
  • Increased profitability
  • Alignment with purpose
  • Legacy story

World Class Solutions

Financial Benchmarking

The financial assessment suite is powered by Sageworks to provide financial comparisons by industry and geographic area. These powerful reports stimulate questions and strategies that lead to insights and actions.

  • Benchmark Basic – provides financial and KPI data by industry code
  • Benchmark Enhanced – same as basic report but include tips and recommendations from improvement in the areas of liquidity, profitability and sales.
  • Company Comparison – same as benchmark report, but included your clients specific financial data to create a comparison.
  • Narrative Report– same as comparison report, but is writing in narrative form with graphs rather than financial tables. Non financial types, sometimes prefer this report.

Business Coaching

The business coaching process is in total alignment with my “Why”, which is to collaborate with others to raise their game to solve big, meaty challenges to accomplish meaningful results for success and fulfillment.

The world-class FocalPoint coaching process, powered by Brian Tracy, provides proven framework, curriculum and accountability. When combined with my extensive business skills and professional experience we help successful leaders get more of what they want out of their business.

Group Courses

Comprehensive group courses are great alternatives to one-to-one coaching. Courses feature pre-work, in session worksheets, and post-session work to drive accountability and results. For business transitions several of the courses provide the turnkey methodology for client acquisition, client fulfillment and management systems.

  • Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)
  • Book Yourself Solid
  • Entrepreneurial Growth Course
  • Agency Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Agency Perpetuation Blueprint for Success
  • Developing Your Agency Success and Value Story
  • Business Model Canvas

Workshops, Group Coaching and More

Our suite of popular programs are designed for engagement and have a proven track record. Their modular curriculum format provides flexibility in meeting client requirements and timetables, and the blended learning tools and resources lead to sustained behavioral change. This is our point of difference. Many training programs offer a quick fix. We provide you with both immediate improvements and long-term, measurable results.

Of special interest for clients considering their business transition options, the Potholes program is a comprehensive 43 point program to help business owners prepare for the exit of their business. Every transition has potholes. With proper planning most potholes can be eliminated or avoided, substantially increasing the value of the business.

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